Prana Lounge is being created as a platform to offer a range of wellbeing and treatment modalities for prevention, healing and cure set in the midst of Colombo's Cinnamon Gardens in a beautiful heritage building, an oasis of peace.

Offering yoga and meditation classes, health related therapies, events, seminars & workshops and Cafe Kumbuk , a delicious Health Food Cafe.

Currently in development are, a clinic for a variety of complementary health practices such as ayurveda, homoeopathy & hydrotherapy, all supported by a holistic pharmacy for integrative medicine, spa/wellness & tone zone & boutique accommodation.

The space intends to offer a platform for like-minded people such as practitioners, therapists, speakers and seekers alike, to meet, exchange and offer skills & services that align with a wellness lifestyle, assisting in community upliftment as well as maintaining or raising ones' personal bliss.

Prana Lounge manifests a fluid and evolving concept of health management solutions, seeking true collaboration to grow and glow from within.


Rochelle Fio Sean Dhammika Donovan Hands Natalia Emma Jacky Fiona Anja Uta Madhuri Christina Monica Nathali Sasha Jessyca Thanuja Gamini Hope Sukanya Dr. Usuf Anila Clara Jeanne


Mindful Monday

Grati Tuesday

Wellness Wednesday

Thoughtful Thursday

Freedom Friday

Social Saturday

Peaceful Sunday


Biodynamic Cranio Sacral free intro
17th February 2018

Arm Balancing Yoga Workshop
17th February 2018

Rhythms Dance Workshop
with Brigitte 23-25th February

Kundalini Yoga Fest
25th February 2018

Gong Bath
with Fiona 25th February 2018

Turning Yin Workshop
1st March 2018

Anjali Yoga Workshop
2nd March 2018

Baladeva Yoga Workshop
3rd March 2018

Dancing with Dharma Workshop
4th March 2018

Thai Massage workshop
11-13th March 2018

Your Weekly Yin

Tuesday and Friday 10.30am

Prana Friday Dance Platform

Kundalini Yoga

Cupping massage therapy
by Dr. Usuf

Kundalini Body Shaping
with Uta

Special class pass for Kids, Students and Seniors

Prana Monthly Pass

Sunday - Morning Meditation

Dengue Prevention & Cure

Naturopathic Doctor Consultation

Thanuja - Personal Training

Tarot Readings
with Gamini

Sacred Sunday Yoga
with Jessyca


EFT learn tapping

with Gamini

Empowering Children

Prana Lounge

60 Horton Place   Cinnamon Garden
Colombo   Sri Lanka

(+94) 11268 4808 | (+94) 76 557 5556