Prana Lounge & Prana hOMe closed their doors on June 30th, expressing immense regret and thanking our loyal patrons for a wonderful decade.

It is with our deepest regret and heavy hearts that Prana Lounge has had to close as of June 30th 2024.

After a memorable decade of offering yoga, holistic therapies and cozy boutique hotel rooms and in view of the end of the Prana era, we reflect with immense gratitude the achievements of turning 60 Horton Place into a temple for healing hearts, but also for the personal growth of countless followers who have frequented our offerings as customers, staff and associates. The love and energy brought into our space have made these years indescribably special and fulfilling.

We take great pride in being pioneers of a unique holistic healing and well-being center in the heart of Colombo, giving everything we had to manifest our original vision of this sacred space - which we will celebrate and cherish forever.

As the Co-Founders and management team we extend our deepest gratitude for your loving and loyal patronage. Your unique presence and wonderful contributions have been the heart and soul of Prana Lounge. It is because of you that we thrived, serving and healing the community and becoming a soul family. Together with you, our patrons, we created something truly magical - a legacy that will live on in our hearts and surely also in yours.

May you all stay deeply blessed, guided and protected by the spirit of Prana as you continue your life journeys.

Co-Founder | Concept Director

Annie De Silva

Alongside co-founder Anja, Annie conceived Prana Lounge: a space to support those on a journey wishing to change global community consciousness and inspire creativity, discovery and evolution.

An established Creative Designer and Project Leader, Annie had a passion for creating a dynamic and positive working environment that enabled great production values from conceptualization to delivery. Annie was a positive influencer, motivator and generated successful outcomes in all situations and cultures.

Annie’s legacy will live on in Prana Lounge. We honor her life, vision and mission beyond her physical existence with deep Love and Gratitude. Annie De Silva 1967 – 2022

Co-Founder | Operations Director

Anja Meixner

Anja is German by birth, Sri Lankan in spirit and universal at heart.

With a 30+ year professional background in international hospitality and spa management, Anja is following her calling and passion to assist the self, soul and earth as a Life Coach, Craniosacral therapist, Angel Reiki Master &Yoga Teacher.

Anja’s entrepreneurial process management skills have been vital in creating Prana Lounge’s diverse and meaningful holistic lifestyle experiences. With an aspiration to serve humanity by creating and holding a calm and healing urban haven, Anja is a supportive, devoted guide and sacred space keeper, remote and in presence.