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Dushy Totamune

– Astrolight Astrology

I am student of Vedic Astrology from Sri Lanka and I have been studying Vedic Astrology since 2013 , by observing the planets placed in your birth chart enables me to read your karmic knots and give you solutions to create your life path with ease. Your special abilities & talents can also be seen through the chart readings.


Colombo, Sri Lanka


22nd July


I draw knowledge from renowned Vedic teachers- Sir KN Rao , Sir Sanjay Rath & Dr Shankar Adawal . I believes astrology is a lifelong study -an it’s a divine science.

Offerings at prana
  • Emailed Reading – SLR 7500 –  complete chart reading on planetary placements and forecast based on current dasha period
  • Online consultation Reading via zoom – 1 hr – SLR 10,000
About my class (or treatment)

During the reading you will also gain insight & clarity of what your purpose is by design.The intention of my readings are to help the individual understand themselves better while helping them to navigate with ease through the help of the planetary placements in their respective “Horescope” also known as the natal birth chart . I offer only guidance – no predictions. gy 

Special talent

 I am professionally a Designer & a Life Coach in Self Development & Entrepreneurship.

If I’m not at prana you can find me