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Joanne Senn

– Counselling Psychologist

My area of specialization is EMDR- Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a therapy for those whose lives are affected by any traumatic events such as Man made disasters/Natural disasters. The EMDR therapy is known to help victims resume normal life.


Colombo, Sri Lanka

Offerings at prana
  • EMDR therapy and IMAGO Therapy
About my class (or treatment)

Every life got a story, a story to be heard, acknowledged and respected.  It’s not just listening to words only but to the emotions behind the words and the person behind those emotions. It’s like taking a journey – we are opening more possibilities and we can choose where to go and what to leave behind.

My work is about giving people what I call a safe place or sacred space, where people can release their experiences and emotions so that they may be free within. The journey of healing is to move from being a victim to a victor.