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Meredith Tanner

I was introduced to the essence of human consciousness in 2012 through Hemi Sync Meditation and my life forever changed. I since was able to heal my own challenges with anxiety and depression through the healing power of my own mind.


Georgia / FLorida USA


22nd July

  • 2015 – Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification with the Patanjali Institute under the guidance of Dr Sohail Ebady
  • 2017- Chakra Healing and Lama Fera certifications with the GN Meditation Center in Pohkara, Nepal
  • 2020- Angels Reiki Mastership with the House of Siris in Bali, Indonesia
Offerings at prana
  • Kids Yoga
  • Slow Flow Vinyasa
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Hypnotherapy & Energy Healing
About my class (or treatment)

Whether you are receiving hypnotherapy or an energy healing, my objective is to bring you back into your natural state of being; with positivity, relaxation and simply feeling connection with the synchronicity of your own life.

Special talent

Manifestation and I consider myself a bunny whisperer 🐰

If I’m not at prana you can find me

On my terrace sipping a flower potion, making crystal mandalas, & enjoying the art of relaxation.